STEINUM is a Faroe Islands knitwear brand. The brand was founded in 2009 by Central Saint Martins graduate and knitwear designer, Jóhanna av Steinum. STEINUM brings a unique approach to the Faroese knitting tradition. The designs are bold and bright with strong colours and eye-catching patterns, sometimes reminiscent of childhood naivety.

The style is cheeky and infectious, suited for confident people wanting to display their individuality. STEINUM’s approach combines traditional knitting patterns and styles from the Faroe Islands with Ukrainian handicraft and fashion culture. This new and unique combination results in the characteristic and quirky pieces that characterise the collections.


STEINUM firmly believes in social responsibility as an element of high fashion. The brand is part of a self-help project, which aims to aid women in Western Ukraine. Working closely with the organisation, STEINUM ensures fair wages and an encouraging work environment that allows the all-female knitters to become self-sufficient in their local communities.

Some of the women are disabled and socially underprivileged. For them it is life changing to suddenly be able to earn money. The wages earned from knitting are a considerable contribution to their household.
Western Ukraine has a strong tradition for handicraft, especially knitting, embroidery, and beading. At workshops, the Ukrainian women are trained in the knitting techniques needed to create the modern designs of STEINUM, and new skills are being transferred to the women in the area, allowing them to specialize and develop their existing techniques.

All the handmade STEINUM garments have a label stating the name of the woman responsible for making that particular garment.

Jóhanna av Steinum