STEINUM is a Nordic knitwear brand. The brand was founded in 2009 by Central Saint Martins graduate and knitwear designer, Jóhanna av Steinum. Jóhanna av Steinum is from the Faroe Island in the North Atlantic but has recently moved to Western Ukraine to be close to production.

STEINUM designs are often characterized by strong colours and eye-catching patterns. The designs are modern, humorous, speckled with a hint of childish naivety.

The style is bold, cheeky, and infectious, suited for confident people wanting to display their individuality. STEINUM’s approach combines traditional knitting patterns and styles from the Faroe Islands with Western Ukrainian handicraft. This new and unique combination results in the characteristic and quirky pieces that characterise recent collections.


STEINUM garments are handmade and individually produced with great care for quality, materials and people. Social responsibility is fundamental to the brand. STEINUM garments are produced in close cooperation with the organization, which supports and aids women in the local communities of Western Ukraine.

Hand knitting allows these women to be self-sufficient while staying in their own homes and taking care of their families. Some of the women are disabled and socially underprivileged. For them it is life changing to suddenly be able to earn money. The wages earned from knitting are a considerable contribution to their household – especially now, when the country is at war and the economy shattered.

Western Ukraine has a strong tradition for handicraft, especially knitting and embroidery. At workshops, the Ukrainian women are trained in the knitting techniques needed to create the modern designs of STEINUM, and new skills are being transferred to the women in the area, allowing them to specialize and develop their existing techniques.

All the handmade STEINUM garments have a label stating the name of the woman responsible for making that particular garment.

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Jóhanna av Steinum